I am pleased to offer archival prints in a variety of sizes, printed either on Fuji Chrystal Archive Paper stock or Kodak Archival Lustre finishes. Standard sizes are:

  • 11 X 14″
  • 16 X 20″
  • 20 X 30″
  • 24 X 36″

Some images can be ordered in larger sizes if required.

The above sizes represent the outside dimensions of the photo paper. The images are scaled to the paper with a small black border around the image with a larger white border allowing for framing.

For details, contact:

Limited Edition Prints


21 x 28″ print of SpaceShipOne with WhiteKnightOne on X-Prize flight. Signed by Burt Rutan, Brian Binnie and Mike Melville. From a series of 20. Six prints remain.

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