Mark Greenberg is an award winning editorial and commercial photographer based in the New York Metropolitan area. He specializes in portraiture, aviation related endeavors and air-to-air photography. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in photography, co-authored a best-selling book, and consults with corporations on public relations initiatives.

Mark Greenberg has been a photojournalist since 1975. He worked as a staff photographer at a major New York metropolitan newspaper and in the early 1980s joined the Associated Press in New York as a photo editor. After leaving the Associated Press, Greenberg co-founded Visions, a photo agency specializing in news and features.

As a photographer, he has won World Press Photo awards and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for feature photography for his story on the Voyager aircraft. In 1992, Greenberg was invited to be the exclusive photographer for the Rio Roosevelt Expedition, a historical retracing of the expedition conducted by Theodore Roosevelt in 1914. A group of 20, including scientists, adventurers and Tweed Roosevelt, a great-grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, successfully completed a two-month long navigation of the 600-mile Amazon River tributary.

In 1993 Greenberg joined a group of health care workers on a jungle expedition to bring medical relief to the Yanomami Indians in southern Venezuela. Following repeated trips into the jungle, Greenberg co-authored a book for children, Amazon Diary – The Jungle Adventures of Alex Winters. Time Warner’s Childrens Book of the Month Club produced a video about the making of Amazon Diary called Into the Jungle.

In 2004 Mark covered the X PRIZE quest – a $10 million dollar challenge for the first private enterprise which could successfully launch a manned spacecraft into space. Following this, he was appointed the project photographer for Virgin Galactic’s spaceship program, a private endeavor to bring passengers into space on a regular schedule. Mark has enjoyed a 27-year relationship with Galactic’s founder, Sir Richard Branson, documenting the entrepreneurs various endeavors.

In 2008, Greenberg created and co-edited a best selling book, Obama, the Historic Front Pages. The book chronicled the extraordinary coverage from the election and inauguration of Barack Obama.


Obama – The Historic Front Pages, Sterling Publishing 2008

Blue Streak: Inside JetBlue, The Upstart That Rocked an Industry By Barbara Peterson, 2004 – Principal Photography

Amazon Diary, The Jungle Adventures Of Alex Winters, Putnam 1996 – Co-Author and Photographer

The Art Of The Masaii, Alfred A. Knopf 1990 – Co-Photographer With Peter Beard

Voyager, Alfred A. Knopf 1988 – Principal Photography


America 24/7 (2003) – Senior Advisor (Large Format Coffee Table Book)

Day in the Life of Africa (2001-2002) – Senior Advisor/Digital Photography Consultant and Instructor (Large Format Coffee Table Book)

Olympus USA – (1997-2005) – Consumer Digital Products – Testing, Evaluation, Product Group Marketing, Trade Show Support & Olympus Visionary


  • Principal on-camera spokesperson on satellite media tours promoting A Day in the Life of Africa and the America 24/7 series of books on behalf of Olympus

  • Completed a book tour with co-author Hudson Talbott with the publication of: Amazon Diary, The Jungle Adventures of Alex Winters (Putnam, 1997)

  • Lecture venues include: The Explorers Club (New York City), COMDEX (Las Vegas), PhotoPlus (New York City), CES (Las Vegas), PMA (Las Vegas/Orlando), Fordham University (New York City), the Cleveland Museum, the Museum of Natural History (New York City) and Columbia College (Chicago)

  • One-man show of photographs at the AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, WI. Summer 2005. The show – “A Triumph of Vision” documents the recent X-PRIZE spaceflights, designer Burt Rutan and the first successful conquest of space by private enterprise


LIFE Magazine, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune, Audubon, U.S. News & World Report, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, The New York Times (Daily, and Magazine), Outside, National Geographic, Geo, Stern, Bunte, Paris Match, Manchete, Der Speigel, Focus, and numerous other major international outlets and smaller magazines and newspapers.

Project Photography

Project Photographer and Visual Media Coordinator – Global Flyer Round-the-World Flight, February 2005 for Virgin Atlantic Airways

Photographer/Senior Advisor – America 24/7

Photographer – A Day in the Life of the US Armed Forces, 2002

Photographer/Senior Digital Advisor – A Day in the Life of Africa, 2002

Photographer – A Day in the Life of Thailand, 1994

Project Photographer – Amazonia Foundation, A Medical Program to Benefit the Yanomami Indians of Venezuela, 1993-1996

Project Photographer – Rio Roosevelt Expedition 1992 (Re-Tracing of Amazon Adventure by Theodore Roosevelt in 1914)

Project Photographer – Virgin Galactic, 2005-present

Director Of Photography, Earthwinds Around-the-World Balloon Program, 1990-1991

Director Of Photography, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) 20th Anniversary of Earth Day 1990

Director Of Photography for Voyager Around-the-World Flight, 1984-1986

Commercial Photography

Specializing in consulting and creating photographs and photographic opportunities for corporate clients public relations initiatives. Clients include: Cendant, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s International Realty, The Virgin Group, Virgin Mobile, JetBlue Airways, Lexis Nexus, and Marotta Controls.


World Press Photo – Science And Technology, 1987

Nomination for Pulitzer Prize, 1987 (Voyager)

Theodore Roosevelt Association Distinguished Service Award

Best Film Award – Voyager: World’s Longest Flight – Visions/BBC


The New School, NYC Focus Photo Program 1981

Instructor/Co-Creator Firstlight Workshops – Auvillar, France, Summer 2003

Instructor Olympus “Safari” Workshops – Public Relations With Leading Media – 2004-2005

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